Protecting you, your family, and your finances

Insurance in general is more versatile than you might realize. Beyond covering funeral costs or replacing lost income if something happens to you, insurance can help pay for your child’s education, fund a trust for your beneficiaries, serve as an investment within your retirement portfolio, fill your retirement accounts, or even cover business overhead expenses. But if you don’t know about all the options, you can’t take advantage of them.

Let's connect soon to review your insurance portfolio and see if your coverage is still adequate and appropriate for your situation today.

Life Insurance

When was the last time you assessed your life insurance coverage? Have you compared the life insurance benefit with your financial obligations? If anyone else depends on you for your income, you should consider whether you’re properly insured.

Disability Insurance

What if something happens to you and you can no longer work? Not only would your day-to-day expenses start piling up, but you are also saddled with unexpected medical expenses. Disability insurance can provide protection by replacing a portion of your income.

Long-Term Care Insurance

What do you do to protect yourself if you will need some kind of long-term care in the future? Long-term care can be an expensive drain on family resources. It makes sound financial sense to develop a strategy to protect yourself - and your family - should the need for long-term care arise.

Evaluating your current coverage

Evaluating your current coverage

You may have some life insurance in place, but is it enough? While most people have some form of life insurance coverage—possibly through their employer—often it’s not enough. That’s a scary thought.

Our advisors help those who are concerned about the quality, the need or the effectiveness of their current policies restructure their plan. Let’s get together soon and take a look at your current coverage to make sure it still makes sense for your overall plan. We can make yesterday's policy fit today's needs.

Disability and your retirement 

Disability and your retirement 

Disability insurance is often overlooked, but it can play a critical role in your overall retirement plan.

Most of us take for granted our ability to earn an income and save for retirement. Oftentimes people who become disabled will stop making contributions into retirement plans or, even worse, make withdrawals early to cover expenses. Without proper protections in place, a disability before retirement can deplete your accumulated retirement savings.

Some forms of disability insurance can help guarantee that your retirement accounts continue to be fed so that the impact of your loss of income doesn’t extend well into your retirement years. If your current disability insurance doesn’t cover your retirement account contributions, there are options we can explore.

Understanding long-term care

Understanding long-term care

Addressing the potential threat of long-term care expenses may be one of the biggest financial challenges for individuals who are developing a retirement strategy.

People might be surprised by the number of American who may need long-term care if current trends remain in place. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 70% of people over age 65 can expect to need long-term care services at some point in their lives. 

Understanding the various types of long-term care servicesand what those services may costis critical as you consider your retirement approach.