Financial planning for today's modern family

When you have a family, life can be very full. Between a house, a job, a spouse, kids, and the rigors of everyday life, it can be hard to fit in everything that’s important to you. But finding some balance is critical, especially when it comes to finances. 

At Legacy Planning Group, we offer a series of detailed steps aimed at helping you understand your family's financial position and articulate your longer-term goals. Then, working together, we can help you develop an approach to your family's finances that make sense, both for now and later.


Like the rest of life, retirement doesn't come with guarantees. But a sound financial plan is an excellent start toward helping you pursue your goals.


You may find yourself willing to forego return potential for steady income. This change in mindset may drive changes into how you shape your portfolio.


We provide a holistic approach to financial planning, offering solutions to help you address your needs — as well as those of your family. 

Retirement: Crucial Considerations

There are a number of questions and concerns that should be addressed to help you better prepare for retirement living. Because in order to pursue your goals and dreams for retirement, it is necessary to determine a strategy for your future. Otherwise, your choices may be limited and your options few.

When approaching the retirement years, certain questions take on paramount importance. We'll help you examine these questions one at a time.

First, barring unforeseen circumstances, how long should we expect retirement to last?

Second, how can we potentially determine what this new phase of life may cost?

Third, what sources of income do we anticipate having?

Fourth, what investment strategies can help us pursue the goals we have for our retirement?

Small Business Retirement Plans

Small Business Retirement Plans

As an entrepreneur, you've got big plans. Retirement is just one. Let us do all the hard work, so that you can focus on growing your business. 

Whether you are self-employed or the owner of a small business, Legacy Planning Group offers several types of retirement plans designed to meet your specific needs, including; SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and 401(k) Plans.

If you want to talk through the possibilities for your company, let’s connect!

Your Changing Definition of Risk

Most portfolios are constructed based on an individual's investment objective, risk tolerance, and time horizon. However, when approaching certain milestones or lifestyle changes, new risks can be assumed. This may drive changes in how you shape your portfolio and the investments you choose to fill it.

To help compensate for these risks, there may be additional factors to consider when building your investment portfolio. Let's examine how this might look at an individual level.

Unforeseen accident or injury


Without being properly prepared, a disability before retirement can be financially devastating. Disability insurance may be a good way to protect your income and savings by replacing a portion of your income.

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Starting a business


Since a new business is unlikely to generate income right away, you may want to construct your portfolio with an income orientation in order to provide you with current income until the business can begin turning a profit.

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Risk of outliving your assets


Experiencing negative returns early in retirement can deplete your portfolio more quickly than you planned, potentially undermining the sustainability of your assets. Integrating annuities into your strategy may help mitigate this concern.

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Planning for the Expected

As we age, unique challenges in our health may arise. Fortunately, we can plan ahead to protect ourselves and our family against the financial consequences of deteriorating health, and in many cases, insurance may play a key role. But too often, insurance is an overlooked aspect of personal finances.

We'll help you examine some of the ways you can employ insurance to help protect your family's financial health.

The other sure thing


Though we don’t like to think about it, all of us will make an exit sometime. Are you prepared? If anyone else depends on you for your income, it’s critical to consider whether you’re properly insured. Life insurance is one of the most important tools you have to help protect your and your family’s financial future.

Future medical expenses & long term care costs


What can you do to protect yourself if you will need some kind of long-term care in the future? Long-term care (LTC) can be an expensive drain on family resources. It may make sound financial sense to develop a strategy to protect yourself—and your family—should the need for LTC arise. 

Estate Strategies: <em>Critical elements</em>

Estate Strategies: Critical elements

Taking steps to help protect your estate is a key financial choice. With proper strategies, you may be able to maximize your opportunities and help manage stress and confusion for your loved ones. There are a few critical elements worth considering when creating your own estate strategies. 

At Legacy Planning Group, we're happy to answer any of your questions about estate strategies.

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Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy, including diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

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