<span><strong>Going Paperless</strong></span>

Going Paperless

Account View and eDelivery


eDelivery is easier than ever with the new Account View 2.0. With one click you can eliminate paper documents for all of your existing accounts, and any accounts you may open in the future! 

Using the Account View portal you can sign up for paperless delivery of your statements and tax documents – along with many other mailings, in under five minutes. 

Why sign up for paperless delivery?

Paperless statements and documents give you secure and fast access to important documents, including your tax forms, monthly account statements, and more.

You will receive email notifications as soon as your documents are available. There’s no waiting the 5 to 7 days for the forms to be printed and then mailed.

Plus, going paperless provides easier recordkeeping, with current and past documents in one location with secure access 24/7.

Also, did you know that paperless delivery of statements, tax forms and other documents can save more than 120 pieces of paper per year?

How to sign up for paperless

To sign up, log in to your Account View profile, and select “paperless” at the top of the web portal to choose your paperless settings. It takes less than five minutes!

Follow the how-to guide for details on how to go paperless.

Already signed up for paperless statements?

Great! You’re all set. Look for email alerts when your statements and/or tax forms are ready. Thanks for helping the environment by receiving your statements and documents electronically.

If you’d like more information or to discuss this new tool, please feel free to call our office or fill out the form below:

Thank you!